Gestation and first contact

For the last couple of months, I’ve been diligently coding away at a secret AGS-project. I chose to keep it a secret because it was, to me at least, one of those ideas that were totally laughable and ludicrous if you just told somebody. So I decided I needed to have something to show in order to demonstrate that it really was a feasible, although potentially still a totally ludicrous, project.

One day, after having overdosed yet again on the hilarious antics of The Spoony One, The Nostalgia Critic and The Angry Video Game Nerd, I decided the only fitting way to show my admiration was to devise a tribute as horrific and invasive as possible. So I dreamed up an adventure game that was to be the biggest crossover in the history of on-line amateur review shows.

Last week, I got it to a state where the game was completable. All the background graphics and main storyline is in place, and you can technically beat the game if you know exactly what to do. All the extraneous bits, such as character sprites and reponses from the game when you’re just fucking with the background objects, are still missing, as is music and most of the sound effects. And let’s not talk about the Settings panel.

But in light of this breakthrough milestone, I decided to get the snowball slowly running by contacting an old friend of mine from the Space Quest days who now has a brilliantly funny and informative show called Until We Win, who is a part of Channel Awesome – a collective of hapless celebrity souls instigated by Doug Walker, the man behind The Nostalgia Critic.

I sent him the working demo and he agreed to do his voice part, and also see if he can get some of the other Channel Awesome guys to provide their voices for the game. This would include The Nostalgia Critic, JewWario (of You Can Play This fame) and hopefully Paw as the narrator.

The next step is to fill out the game with text so LordKat has a somewhat complete script he can show around to the other Channel Awesome guys. The excitement brews, and I’m off to write a lot of silly text messages.


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