Beans. I spilled them

Yesterday, I spilled the beans about the existence of this game to the general public.  That probably means this developer’s blog is no longer that secret, but hey, it’s not like it’s world-reknowned, either.  So I’m keeping the deliciously clandestine title, if it’s all the same to you.

Uh, anyway.  Yeah.  Bean-spilling.  I posted on the Spoony forum and the TGWTG forum last night, and in the short span of time since then, people have been really supportive about the whole idea. So that’s really encouraging.

I also decided that I couldn’t fill the role as protagonist myself, for a number of reasons that would become painfully obvious if you were to meet me in real life. The most glaring of which is that I’m almost 6’9″, and considering I want to use digitized character sprites, then that would make character interaction in the game look decidedly disproportionate.

So I put the word out with an open casting call/competition to see if anyone wants to play the lead character. But the ‘prize’ (which is already of questionable value) comes with a ‘price’, because whoever takes the lead must also be able to digitize a fine-looking sprite of him/herself, and be able to record the voice-over in an appropriately high-quality fashion.

Plus, I’m considering using facial close-ups for dialogues, like the CD-ROM version of Space Quest IV, and that would require video capture of people’s faces talking – but this all depends on how involved the ‘celebrity’ portions of the game want to be. (I’m hoping “lots”, but we’ll see.)

Anyway, that’s the skinny on what’s happening so far. Oh, and there’s a website up at, so tell your friends. Go on, tell them. There’s a cookie in it for you.


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