Paw and animated backgrounds

Paw Dugan, whose best work in my opinion includes his hilarious play-through of King’s Quest V, has agreed to voice the Narrator in the game – schedule permitting. This is very exciting news for me, as my inspiration for the Narrator’s attitude was based on Paw’s comments about the utterly useless narrator in KQ5, and the part was actually written for him. So that’s enough to get my excitement-meter up in full swing.

A member of the TGWTG forums offered to animate the game backgrounds, based on my original background files. It would definitely help the game ambience tremendously, so I sent him the first two screens of the game to see where he’ll take it.

My computer died the other day, so I had to reinstall AGS and refresh from a back-up. Luckily, I’ve been keeping back-ups almost religiously since the day I lost a ton of work on the game (during its secret development) when my hard drive failed. I’m off to see if I can’t make the communicator a little more intuitive to use.


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