Looking for character designer/animator

I’ve decided I’d rather want the game to be as complete as possible and let people play it, even without voices, rather than have it languish forever, unplayed and unloved, because of my stubbornness. In other words, I’ve had a bit of a reality check.

So I’ve decided to scrap my ideas of having photorealistic character sprites — maybe that’s an idea for a different game; one that doesn’t involve people from halfway across the globe taking strange, full-body pictures of themselves — and try for other means of getting rid of the “Casper”-sprites.

So I’ve put out a call for any character designers/animators that might be out there, at the Spoony forum and the TGWTG forum.

I’m hoping someone will take the bait, because that would really help in speeding up the game’s development. (I can’t draw for shit, let alone animate. Check out my first game to see how bad that turned out.)

Still waiting to see the animated backgrounds. The suspense is killing me.


One Comment on “Looking for character designer/animator”

  1. fuzzyspo0n says:

    Glad im not the only one learning this in my personal game dev.

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