Play the full game for Christmas (hopefully)

Well, it’s been almost a year, and the game is still stuck in its own little private development hell. But I’m not the patient type, and I’m not about to let it sit on my harddrive and wither away.

I was a bit hung up on having other people do the character animation, since I’m really terrible at it. But now, I figure, rather have something crappy to look at (which can always be replaced later on) than the current, floaty, single-frame placeholder sprites currently there.

So I’m going to do my best to finish up some animated sprites, do some music, and finish up the intro and end-game cinematic. I’ll start now and hopefully, fingers crossed, you’ll all be able to play the game. In its entirety.

Later, there will be time to polish it up, and hopefully get that full voice pack happening that I’ve been looking forward to so long. But you can think of this as the “disk version” of the game.

Wish me luck! ;)


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