Some previews of LWL’s “Disk Version”

Hai, guys. Well, Christmas came and went, and still no game to play. Well, I got super-busy over the Holidays, yadda yadda yadda, bad excuses all ’round. That’s not important, though I hope I didn’t crush anyone’s anticipatory hopes.

What is important is that stuff is actually happening!

For instance, I have decided to stop waiting for people to help me out. I am putting the finishing touches on what I’m now referring to as the “disk version” of the game. This means:

  • I’ve done moving/talking character sprites that look terrible, but at least not as bad as the white Casper blobs.
  • I’m writing music for the game scenes. The music has touches of 8-bit nostalgia and breakbeat/electronica, but mostly it’s a throwback to the Sierra-style soundtracks of the early 90’s, where music didn’t just drone anonymously on in the background like they do in your God of War-games today. That probably makes the game sound very dated (and all compounded by the fact that I’m not exactly Mozart up in this bizzatch), but that’s the way I like it. For now.
  • After that, all that’s left is doing an intro and an end-game. Like I’ve said before, I was going to do a photo-realistic Myst-style prologue that would let you run around my apartment for the sole purpose of knocking you out so you’d wake up in the game world. That’s on the back burner now, though it may get resurrected for a future “special edition/CD-ROM version” of the game. For now, I’m just going to do a classic 90’s disk-version intro (and similarly for the endgame).


Here’s a glimpse into my talents as a character animator:

Click for larger image.

Music examples

Have a listen to some of the tracks:

LordKat’s Lair

Arriving at the Nostalgia Kingdom

Walking around the Nostalgia Kingdom

CD-ROM/Full Version

I haven’t given up on doing the grand-old monstrosity of a game product I really envisioned this thing to be. My dreams for this thing, as always, involve:

  • Animated background
  • Character sprites that look good
  • Full voice pack (featuring an all-star cast)
  • Full-motion video intro/endgame
  • I know Skitch was up for doing music, so I’m thinking, “special edition” meaning “special game score”? Not a remake of my electronica-score, but a proper orchestral thing.

Unfortunately, I can’t do all that alone, simply because I don’t know how.

But … Did I mention Guru Larry is on board for doing voices? I think that’s awesome.

But for now I just want people to play the game. It’s been sitting here far too long while I’ve been waiting for people to finish it for me. Now I’m finishing it myself. All the bells and whistles will come later. These are the internet days, people — DLC’s the name of the game.


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