I… I can scarcely believe it

It’s a special feeling when something you’ve had lying around for almost precisely a year now (since the first ludicrous idea struck me) is almost done. And I mean, so ‘almost’ you can taste the sweet stink of accomplishment.

That’s right: save for the last bits of music (17 tracks so far; need to do 4 more + the theme tune, which I’ll do tonight) … this thing is DONE!

And now, I can rest. Well, not quite. But soon. Veeeery soon.

That is, the disk version is done. Here’s what I’ve done to the game since I decided to finish this thing on my own (which was between Christmas and New Year’s 2010):

  • Today: Photographed and coded interactive opening cinematic. Also fixed the last nagging loose ends, like the Settings screen.
  • Yesterday: Wrote and scripted the ending (and an alternate bad ending). Fixed the GUI problems and made Spoony’s communicator part of the main GUI. Also wrote two more tunes for the game (one is currently 8 minutes 30 seconds! might wanna split that one up); that makes it 17 tracks total now.
  • Between New Year’s and now: Did some sporadic bug fixing and made sure the events and puzzles worked the way they were supposed to. (This is the one bit that might come back to bite me in the ass, but hey, that’s what the Internet is for.)
  • Between Christmas and New Year: Wrote 15 tracks of music in two days in a fit of inspiration. And mild drunkenness.

So, I’ll write the rest of the music tonight and tomorrow, and then this baby is ready to hit the asphalt! Face down, even! Without a helmet! Oh, I’m going to be so proud of my little girl. Let’s hope she don’t embarrass me and make me get out my harness again. Wait, what were we talking about?


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