Thanks for taking care of my baby

Well, it’s done. The game is out and causing its own special brand of havoc (and mild spots of indifference). And I totally want to big up everyone who has downloaded and played the game — even if they hated it. Which, surprisingly, most people don’t. And that’s really cool. So thank you, everyone!

So, people have already graciously played through the whole thing and have offered a bunch of helpful suggestions. And so far, only two bug reports — and no game breakers! — so I’m a bit chuffed about that.

That still means there’s a v1.1 on the way, but it won’t contain any mind-shattering new material. It’ll pretty much be bug fixes and a couple updates in the graphics department. Specifically:

  • Bug: Spoony’s fuse boxes claim they’re repaired even when they’re not. Some people thought you only had to find and use two fuses, and having a broken victory message championing them on wasn’t helping things.
  • Biggest fix: Making the third fuse a little clearer. It’s like friggin’ Waldo with this thing.
  • Bug: In Kyle Justin’s shop, you can sometimes get boxed in by JewWario and LordKat and get trapped behind the drum kit. This is a simple fix, but that doesn’t help the one poor sod who had to start the game over from scratch because he couldn’t get out.
  • Someone asked why there wasn’t a “fuse box count” when you were fixing Spoony’s fuses. And that’s a really good point. I just need to find out what Spoony’s font is called.

I was thinking of sweetening some of the puzzles on the space station, but then again … if people are having trouble with the anagram room, they can check the hints section or tweet me. And you can basically cheat your way through the shock room and the final room by saving and restoring, if you don’t feel like beating it intellectually. So I’m leaving them as is for now.

Incidentally, I’ll be writing a walkthrough for this website in Q&A form very soon.

Can’t tell you when v1.1 will appear yet, but in a week or so sounds about right. I’m not in any giant hurry, as there aren’t really any game-breaking faults (as far as I know) — v1.1 is more of a spit-and-polish release than anything, really.

I do wonder how many actually beat the shock room fair and square? In hindsight, the puzzle solution is really obtuse, and it’s easier to just hop along each square. In development, I toyed with the idea of disabling save/restore in the shock room so people would be forced to figure out the correct solution, but I decided not to be that evil.


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