Transmission Awesome plugged me and now I can’t get up

The official podcast of TGWTG, Transmission Awesome, has its 62nd episode out. And guess what one of the topics are?

Yes, that Angry Joe is leaving. I see that. That sucks. But go down one. The other one. Yes, that one.

» A Life Worth Losing gets plugged on Transmission Awesome!

Which is awesome all on its own. And sort of sounds like a really bad pornographic movie title, but I’m not touching that with a ten foot pole. Er, I mean … Ah, fuck it. No, I mean, screw it! No, I mean … oh.

But anyway, give it a listen!

Edit: I listened to it last night, and it seems like they want to do a TA Let’s Play of it. That sounds absolutely awesome. Can’t wait to listen to that, if it ever comes to pass.


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