LWL “Must Play” on Blistered Thumbs; Version 1.1 coming next week?

I see these cool things way too late, but whey – A Life Worth Losing was the “Must Play” DLC game for Shaun’s D(LC)elightful Treats for the Week.

Thanks, Sean and everyone at Blistered Thumbs!

In other news, people have graciously been submitting bug reports and suggestions for fixes. A few of them does break the game for some people (e.g. you can apparently walk right through the electric fence, and then get irrevocably stuck because you forgot the item that was supposed to get you through the fence).

So it’s time to put on the hard hat and dive into bug-fixing territory! Hopefully next week, time permitting, you’ll be able to play the new and improved v1.1 of A Life Worth Losing. If you so wish, that is.


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