Where the hell is v1.1?

Okay, so this is really not how it was supposed to work out. I was hoping to have a more stable, hopefully bug-free version of the game out within weeks of its initial release. Sadly, the planets have not aligned this way.

Suffice it to say, a lot of technical problems (my computer’s fan is shot, and my backup is a few builds older than the one that went out as 1.0) and some bad planning (the hard drive on which the latest build is on is at a friend’s place, because we’re also using it to record an album) has put a temporary hold on my plans to get fixin’.

There will be a completely air-tight, bug-free v1.1 in the near future – and I’m planning on adding a few touch-ups to hopefully make up for the long wait. Yeah, I know, it’s killing you. The wait, that is.


2 Comments on “Where the hell is v1.1?”

  1. Hannes says:

    And where is the facebook like button ?

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