Sequel ideas + Facebook url

Since I still don’t have a machine with which to create the ultimate, bug-less version of LWL that I would like, I have to occupy myself with other ideas.

Like writing up a preliminary design sketch for its sequel, which is tentatively subtitled Your Own Private Hell. Chris Ushko, the designer behind the hotly-anticipated Space Quest-fan game Incinerations, has looked over the design and given a few pointers.

Biggest change from the first game? This time, you play as your favorite reviewers. Several of them. (That poking-fun-at-fan-fiction shtick from the first game is kind of done now.)

Can’t tell you when anything concrete is going to happen — that all depends on so much, not least of which if I get a stable system going at home — but things are definitely brewing.

Also, if you want to show your love for the game and its in utero sequel, hop by our Facebook-page. It’s got a cute little custom url now ( If that’s too much trouble, just use the widget on the sidebar.


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