“A Life Worth Losing” is an adventure game in the old-school early 90’s Sierra-style. Think King’s Quest V or Space Quest IV.

It is a fan-made game designed to bring all our (okay, my) favorite on-line celebrities together in the ultimate cross-over story, in the spirit of the infamous Team Brawl anniversary episode where everyone showed up at a conference center to beat the living snot out of each other.

The game features high-resolution graphics, classic puzzle-solving interface, and characters such as The Spoony One, The Nostalgia Critic, Angry Joe and The Angry Video Game Nerd. And also a very special, secret appearance at the very end, as the sort of Kevin Spacey to our Se7en.

Read the manual

There’s more information on the game and how to play it in the manual. It is included in the download package, and you were supposed to be able to read it here, but you can’t. So until I fix it, here’s some free advice:

» Don’t use WikiUpload to host your files. At least, not until they sort their shit out.