Sequel ideas + Facebook url

Since I still don’t have a machine with which to create the ultimate, bug-less version of LWL that I would like, I have to occupy myself with other ideas.

Like writing up a preliminary design sketch for its sequel, which is tentatively subtitled Your Own Private Hell. Chris Ushko, the designer behind the hotly-anticipated Space Quest-fan game Incinerations, has looked over the design and given a few pointers.

Biggest change from the first game? This time, you play as your favorite reviewers. Several of them. (That poking-fun-at-fan-fiction shtick from the first game is kind of done now.)

Can’t tell you when anything concrete is going to happen — that all depends on so much, not least of which if I get a stable system going at home — but things are definitely brewing.

Also, if you want to show your love for the game and its in utero sequel, hop by our Facebook-page. It’s got a cute little custom url now ( If that’s too much trouble, just use the widget on the sidebar.

Aaaand we’re back

The website has had some problems recently, and the download link somehow managed to refer visitors to my lousy record label (where all the text is in Danish, so that’s sure to have confused at least a handful of people).

But all is better now. Site and downloads work again. Get crackin’. :)

Download link fixed, hopefully forever

It came to my attention yesterday that the download link at FileDropper had expired. And I don’t think that torrent thing is working.

So I have uploaded the game to a web server of my own, where hopefully it will remain forever and ever.

Head over to the Download-page to download the game

It’s still version 1.0, I’m afraid, so please excuse the (thankfully, few) bugs. And yes, the third fuse is at the hospital. ;)

Where the hell is v1.1?

Okay, so this is really not how it was supposed to work out. I was hoping to have a more stable, hopefully bug-free version of the game out within weeks of its initial release. Sadly, the planets have not aligned this way.

Suffice it to say, a lot of technical problems (my computer’s fan is shot, and my backup is a few builds older than the one that went out as 1.0) and some bad planning (the hard drive on which the latest build is on is at a friend’s place, because we’re also using it to record an album) has put a temporary hold on my plans to get fixin’.

There will be a completely air-tight, bug-free v1.1 in the near future – and I’m planning on adding a few touch-ups to hopefully make up for the long wait. Yeah, I know, it’s killing you. The wait, that is.

LWL “Must Play” on Blistered Thumbs; Version 1.1 coming next week?

I see these cool things way too late, but whey – A Life Worth Losing was the “Must Play” DLC game for Shaun’s D(LC)elightful Treats for the Week.

Thanks, Sean and everyone at Blistered Thumbs!

In other news, people have graciously been submitting bug reports and suggestions for fixes. A few of them does break the game for some people (e.g. you can apparently walk right through the electric fence, and then get irrevocably stuck because you forgot the item that was supposed to get you through the fence).

So it’s time to put on the hard hat and dive into bug-fixing territory! Hopefully next week, time permitting, you’ll be able to play the new and improved v1.1 of A Life Worth Losing. If you so wish, that is.

Let’s Play LWL: Parts 1 and 2

I didn’t see this until now, but apparently LordKat (of Until We Win fame) decided to give the game a whirl on his live feed back in late January, with some special guests including the Spoony One himself. He gets as far as the Nostalgia King’s throne room before, apparently, rage-quitting because the chat guys are giving the game such a hard time. So hats off to mr. Pullara for having the game’s back – much appreciated, hombre.

Here’s the two parts of the Let’s Play, as hosted by (sorry for only providing links; I can’t get embed to work with WordPress):

» Watch LordKat’s Let’s Play A Life Worth Losing – Part 1

» Watch LordKat’s Let’s Play A Life Worth Losing – Part 2

Now, I take criticism fairly lightly on this, because enough people have massaged my ego about this game that I know I at least did something right in someone’s eyes. I agree with the complaints that the game looks crappy and that a year of development seems like a long time for something that, obviously, would never see a professional release.

That said, the game wasn’t really in development for a full year: it took me four or five months total to code the thing up from design to finished game, music and everything. And six to seven months of waiting around (in vain, as it turned out) for people to help out polishing up the shoddy graphics, and slowly watching the game rot away on my hard drive as development went to a complete standstill for half a year.

In hindsight, I should have gone with the “disk version” plan from day 1 – i.e. finish the game as fast as I could and release it, instead of waiting around for others to help me get it finished – but I chalk that up to na├»vety.

But that’s why the game is what it is in its current state, and that’s why some of the obvious references are excluded while some really old ones and possibly tired ones, like the Nerd/Critic rivalry, is in there. It doesn’t excuse what some people called horribly bad scripting, but hey, I can own to that – can’t make everybody laugh.

Resort to cheating

I wrote a walkthrough for the game. If you’re really, really stuck. Or hate the game and just want to see it to the end. I’m not here to judge.

There’s also a bit of trivia at the bottom of each section — just for funsies.

The hint forum is still up, and you can still tweet me for hints if you want. I didn’t put the walkthrough up to get away from a barrage of hint requests (it’s been pretty mild runnings, actually), so please don’t be shy — I’m still very interested in hearing from players.