Here’s a few frequently asked questions about the game which you can resort to if you’re having trouble. I won’t give the outright solution here, but there’s a walkthrough further down (to be used at your own goddamn peril).

Puzzle specific hints

Here’s a push in the right direction for a couple of the trickier puzzles.

Where’s the third fuse?

Early in the game, Spoony sends you on a fuse hunt for three fuses. Two of them are in plain sight, but the third one is a bit tricky to spot. Remember the SWAT team cut the power to the hospital? Look around for a broken fuse box in the hospital.

Bug report: A few players have been kind enough to alert me to a bug in the fuse box hunt. Even if you’ve only fixed two fuses, the fuse boxes will claim they are repaired. The cellar door, however, won’t open unless you’ve fixed all three fuse boxes. This will be corrected in future versions.

What’s the opposite of a navel orgasm?

‘A navel orgasm’ is an anagram. One of the words in the anagram is ‘anagram.’

Request a hint

There’s a hint forum set up at our Facebook page. I check it frequently, so you can expect an answer within a few days.

You can also contact me directly for hints. You can tweet me @torbenfrost.

Surrender to cheating

If the game gives you such grief you can’t bear to be around it anymore (or if you, like me, like to read walkthroughs just to see if you’ve missed something), I wrote up one here. To be used. At your own. Goddamned. Peril. Seriously, we all know walkthroughs can sap the joy and accomplishment out of a game, so I won’t lecture you.

As a bonus to those of you who have beaten the game, there’s a little “trivia” section under each section. It’s nothing earth-shatteringly interesting, but might give you a chuckle, should you want to replay the game sometime.