Walkthrough Part I: The Pixellated Forest

Once you have successfully knocked yourself out by being careless, you wake up in a strange land. Venture forth, brave one, and encounter your first obstacles.

Spoony won’t let me in without a blood sample!
That’s not a question. (hissing noises) What? You think that joke’s getting old? Anyway, welcome to the first puzzle of the game. You need to find a blood sample for Spoony. He basically tells you where to go, and there’s only one other place to go, anyway. It’s at the hospital.

The hospital is surrounded by SWAT guys. How do I get in?
You can’t get past the guard at the entrance. Keep walking around the hospital screen. Eventually a way will open up.

How do I get through the broken window?
Since Spoony’s the reason we’re up here in the first place, it’s morally okay to rob him for our own devious ends. (Adventure games play by pretty sketchy morals, anyway – it’s basically all manipulation and cleptomania.) Steal the blankie from his porch and use it to get through the window.

I’ve walked around the hospital for a bit, and talked to the scared SWAT-guy in the closet. What am I supposed to do?
Talk some more with the closet-SWAT guy. If you offer your help, he’ll give you a key that’ll let you into the supervisor’s office.

I got the blood sample. Now Spoony wants me to go on a fuse box hunt. Where are the fuses?
The first two fuses are pretty easy to spot. One is in Spoony’s shack, the other is on the hospital floor in front of the closet. The third one is a little harder to spot: it’s in the first hospital room, next to the window, on top of the broken fuse box.

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  • Does the hillside look familiar? I’ll give you a hint: it’s from Space Quest II.
  • One of the few non-TGWTG references in the game: the hospital is the teaching hospital from Scrubs. It was actually, apparently, a holiday photo taken by fans of the show, who were standing at the entrance and waving at the camera. I had to Photoshop them out. That’s why there’s a vending machine near the entrance – to block out a bit of shoulder I wasn’t able to get rid of.
  • You can rat on the scared SWAT guy to his superior officer outside the hospital.
  • Spoony’s basement is, of course, the basement of unending doors from Phantasmagoria II: A Puzzle of Flesh. If I had made the game now, it would probably be the Blagole, but the Blagole-joke wasn’t around when this game was made.

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