Walkthrough Part II: LordKat’s Lair

If all goes “well”, you should now be in LordKat’s dungeon. Lost, alone, confused and just a little bit pissed off. You need to refuel the magic lamp, and by a startling coincidence LordKat has a gas can. But he wants a little favor first.

What’s with the guy in the cell?
Nothing. He’s just for laughs. Cheap laughs.

Where’s the friggin’ strategy guide? I’ve looked everywhere in the library!
Apparently, you’ve never played Maniac Mansion. Check the panels near the bottom of the shelves.

So, you hand him the strategy guide. He lets you grab the fuel. Put the fuel in the magic lamp, then rub it with the hankie and …

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  • LordKat’s dungeon is made up of bits and pieces from the impossibly – nay, irresponsibly difficult NES game, Dragon’s Lair. AVGN did an episode on the game where he basically claimed it was impossible, until LordKat finally proved that it was possible – but so not worth the effort.
  • The library is, of course, the library from Maniac Mansion (but with new purple walls). The strategy guide is also hiding in the same panel as the cassette tape in LucasArts’ classic.
  • It’s a short stage, but there’s still a bit of fun to be had. Try jerking LordKat around once you’ve found the strategy guide by talking to him first.