Walkthrough Part IV: The Nerd Empire

Okay, we’ve arrived at the Nerdlands. Your communicator is shot at this point, but instead you have two minions to order around! Actually, they pretty much follow you around. But they come in handy.

How do I get down from the cliff?
JewWario and LordKat basically tell you how. There’s a rope in the boat. Tie it around the jutting pipe and off you go.

There are three locations you can go to now: the two shops you see on the main street, and the radio tower behind the road block.

How do I get past the electric fence to the radio tower?
You need to disable the electric fence via the circuit box, and you need something to cut the fence with.

How do I disable the electric fence?
Talk to Kyle Justin. He tells you the color of which fuse to pull. The color is random every time you play the game. Save your game; the circuit box will kill you if you pull the wrong fuse.

Bug report: You can get trapped behind the drum kit in Kyle Justin’s shop if JewWario and LordKat box you in. Just stay away; there’s nothing there but a dumb joke with no sound effect. This will be fixed in v1.1.

How do I get through the fence?
Talk to Angry Joe. He’s got a bolt cutter you can use.

Bug report: Apparently, you can walk right through the fence once it’s been deactivated, without cutting it. Obviously, that’s not supposed to happen, and you will be stuck and have to restore a previous game if you proceed without the bolt cutter. This will be fixed in v1.1.

Angry Joe thinks I’m a spy and won’t talk to me.
He needs convincing. LordKat’s good at that.

Okay, I’m in the radio tower. How do I turn the computer on?
Try using the center console. Then talk to JewWario to get it running.

I’m looking at the map in the radio tower. What am I supposed to do?
The map works as a teleporter. Those four crosshairs are four potential bunker entrances. Use the “Interact” cursor to travel to any of the locations. The objective here is to find the correct entrance to the Nerd Emperor’s bunker, and the readout on the right side of the screen is your hint as to which of the four entrances is the correct one.

The readout is gibberish. What does it mean?
Did you visit any of the bunker entrances? Notice something they have in common?

Fuck it, just tell me which bunker to go to.
All right, all right. The four bunkers are designated by chess pieces. The readout in the radio tower is really a chess notation, spelled out phonetically. So, for instance, “see three, be five” is C3 -> B5. That’s a Knight’s move, so the correct bunker is the one with the Knight emblem. I can’t give you a specific solution, because the readout is randomized every time you play.

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  • The drum joke was supposed to be a really bad drum solo, which I wanted to play on a real drum kit (‘cos I play drums). But I don’t own a drum kit. That’s one for the special edition, I guess. It’s barely a joke, really.