Walkthrough Part V: The Bunker

Found the right bunker, did you? Well, good for you. Did you just save/restore until you found the right one, or did you beat it fair and square? No, really, I’m interested. Tweet me and tell me.

Can I spring Bugs?
No. Would you really want to?

How do I get in through the big door?
The big door is protected by a really bad code lock: if you disable the lock, it opens the door. Electrocution should do the trick. Get the extension cord from the kitchen and plug it into Bugs’ favorite toy.

I plugged the extension cord into the electric chair, but I can’t electrocute the code lock.
What, you were just going to shove the electrical cord into the keypad and hope that works? Break open the panel first. Angry Joe gave you something you can use for that.

If you don’t have the bolt cutter at this point, you broke the game. See previous section.

I’m in! Can I do something with the Nerd, other than talk to him?
You can look around his digs a bit, but no. Just pull the curtain when he tells you to.

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  • Unlike most other areas in the game, the bunker isn’t really a collage of existing photos. It’s basically geometric shapes, drawn in Photoshop, with textures from different 3D games pasted on top and stretched to give the illusion of depth. I have no idea what games they were, ‘cos I just Google Image Searched for “green dungeon wall” and such. If you recognize any of the textures, drop me a line. :)
  • Bugs Bunny makes an appearance because the Angry Video Game Nerd has had his share of grief with the cartoon rabbit in the past. See his Birthday Blowout and Crazy Castle reviews.
  • Similarly, both the kitchen and the Nerd’s lair is stocked with Rolling Rock — the beverage of choice when angrily reviewing crappy old games.
  • What the hell is that melted thing in the cell next to Bugs? I don’t know myself! It’s not from any of the Alien or Duke Nukem games. But it looks damn cool, so it’s in there.