Walkthrough Part VI: Launch Day

So, everyone’s here. But that rocket’s not going anywhere. Why not? Well, since no one else can be bothered to fix it, it’s up to you.

How do I fix the launch console?
You have to put the plugs in the correct order. Talk to the Nerd and get his schematics for the wires.

These schematics are next to useless. How is this supposed to make sense?
Okay, there are three plugs you need to deal with: red, blue and yellow. They each operate on different voltage: high, mid and low. You need to figure out which color corresponds to which voltage. Look in the Nerd’s notes and you’ll see he has written down three values for each plug – odd values with numbers and letters in them. The instructions in the book tells you that the lowest value determines how much juice is in the plug.

How do I decode the values?
The odd number-and-letter values are really numerical values. Replace the letters with their number in the alphabet; i.e. A is 1, B is 2, etc. Recall from the instructions that you don’t need to add the values together or anything; you just need to go by the lowest number to determine the plug’s voltage.

Remember to save your game! You get three tries to get the combination right, or the console zaps you dead.

Fuck it, just tell me the correct combination.
Off the top of my head, I think red goes in the top socket, blue in the middle and yellow on the bottom. But I honestly can’t remember right now. I’ll check and update this section accordingly.

I need to find fuel. The Nerd told me to go to the beach, but I can’t find any oil.
There’s a puddle of oil right there on the beach. You just need to retrieve it without getting too much sand in it.

Can’t I just put the oil in the lamp and zap away?
The lamp doesn’t run on unprocessed fuel. And you’ll get too much sand in the lamp if you just scoop it up.

How do I get the oil to the Nerd?
Look at the drinks table at the launch party. Grab the cocktail glass – this gives you a straw. Now, remember that puzzle in Full Throttle where you had to steal fuel from the police? Yeah, it’s time to suck.

Once you hand the lamp with oil in it to the Nerd and fix the launch console, it’s off into outer space!

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  • You can give back the stuff you’ve “borrowed” now – specifically, JewWario’s ID card and Spoony’s communicator. There’s no reward for doing so, however, other than a lighter inventory. Also, Angry Joe is suddenly passionately disinterested in his bolt cutter.
  • The rocket is from the Tintin comic Destination Moon – my favorite Tintin comic. But that rocket always looked really dodgy and unsafe to me, so that’s why it’s the Nerd’s rocket, too.
  • Also, the Nerd built the rocket in three months – the time it took me to design and code up to this particular point of the game.